Dental treatment for foreigners

 Rus - Eng 


1)      The clinic website provides a price list for all kinds of services in English

2)      The treatment shall be performed in the presence of English Interpreter.

3)      When planning to perform treatment abroad please send us an image (orthopantomogram) in order to think over a complex treatment schedule. Administrator shall book the patient in for a number of days reserving the specific hours and shall inform of the treatment price.

4)      Money transfer shall be performed in accordance with the organization details

5)      The clinic administrators shall book a room in a comfortable hotel in the center of the city of Kazan close to Elit-Dental at a reduced price, if necessary.

6)      Upon the end of the treatment the clinic shall provide a document package (contracts, certificates of the service rendered, informed consents, receipts).

7)      We also provide a service for installation of ceramic and composite veneers for patients from other cities and countries. The patient shall send us an image of his smile in different views, tells us about the desired teeth color and form, it is necessary to make a computer tomogram to allow the doctor to examine the dental occlusion and state, shall transfer the advance payment to a card or the settlement account in the bank and after that shall arrange the appointment for 2 days.

See you in the clinic!

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